A Bounty of Riches – Thursday Night TV

Set your DVRs and make some decisions.. there is a ton of good TV happening on Thursday Nights!

Scandal is by far the most fast paced, intriguing & addictive show on TV. It’s really the only show I have to watch live.. mostly because the cast is so awesome that they live tweet during the episode. Which I think is just awesome and shows how proud they are of the work that they are doing on Scandal. #IAmAGladiator

Scandal returns Thursday October 3 at 10/9c on ABC

If you’re only watching one new comedy this season… it should be The Crazy Ones! Two words.. ROBIN WILLIAMS! It looks like it’s going to be so funny! I laughed all the way through the promo. See for yourself…

The Crazy Ones premieres Thursday September 26th at 9/8c on CBS

On Sunday Jim Parsons won his third Emmy for portraying Dr. Sheldon Cooper; as such; The Big Bang Theory is always a sure bet. Hilarious and Smart, it’s funny even if the jokes fly right over your head.Cast_7

The Big Bang Theory returns Thursday September 26th at 8/7c on CBS

Let’s talk about how excited I am for Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. I am such a fan of Alice in Wonderland as a story so I’m really interested to see how the genius’ behind Once Upon A Time take on Alice and all her adventures. Let’s hope that the time split between two shows doesn’t show this season on Once Upon A Time.

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland premieres Thursday October 10 at 8/7c on ABC

Glee returns for it’s penultimate season on Sept 26th. With the death of Cory Monteith this summer it is sure to be an emotional episode when they address this with his character Finn Hudson. The Glee Club takes on The Beatles in the first two episodes this season so be sure to tune in.


Glee returns Thursday September 26th at 9/8c on FOX

Elementary returns for a second season tonight. The gender switch of John Watson to Joan Watson seems to really work for this show. The dialogue is witty and smart and it’s just a fun procedural and an original take on a sometimes overdone story.

Elementary returns Thursday September 26th at 10/9c on CBS

My guilty pleasure of TV – The Vampire Diaries! This is the show that I really can only talk about with my best friend who knows my obsession for the lives of the residents of Mystic Falls and she shares that obsession. This season we find Elena and Caroline heading to college. Let’s hope it’s not Saved By The Bell: The College Years.

Vampire Diaries returns Thursday October 3 at 8/7c on The CW

White Collar is a fun addictive show. With two handsome leading men and a plethora of supporting cast this show really stands up to the USA slogan of ‘Characters Welcome.’

White Collar

Watch the promo here!

White Collar returns Thursday October 17 at 9/8c on USA

Other things airing on Thursdays (New shows in Teal):

ABC: Grey’s Anatomy (9/26)

CBS: The Millers (10/3) , Two and a Half Men (9/26),

NBC: Parks & Rec (9/26), Welcome to the Family (10/3), Sean Saves the World (10/3), The Michael J Fox Show (9/26), Parenthood (9/26)

FOX: The X Factor Results (9/19)

The CW: Reign (10/17)

Make sure to check out everything at TVLine.com. They come up with a great grid of all the major networks. http://tvline.com/2013/05/12/fall-tv-schedule-2013-network-primetime-grid/

Stay tuned to my blog for more updates this week on the premieres that you’ll want to tune into.

What are you looking forward to watching tonight?