Trailer Thursday – Chefs, Turtles and Sex Tapes… Oh My!



So there were a bunch of great trailers that in the past two weeks!! (Sorry I missed last weeks post but I was having a blast in Disneyland with my best friend, Kim! More on that later on the blog)


Check out some highly anticipated trailers and some updates to movies we’ve already seen trailers for:


Neighbors – Red Band Trailer -May 9th 2014
This looks like it’s going to be just a raunchy, gross-out film.


Chef – May 9th 2014
Written, Directed and Starring Jon Favreau, this looks like a great film about following your dream and living your passion. I plan to eat a good meal before going to the theater… it’s sure to make my mouth water.


Night Moves – May 30th 2014
A Thriller starring Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning.


Begin Again – July 4th 2014
Let’s see if Adam Levine can give a great acting performance…. We know Mark Ruffalo is going to kick ass in this one!


Wish I Was Here – Teaser Trailer – July 25th 2014
The ‘Garden State’ follow up film from Zach Braff, who also directs this film. He took to Kickstarter to fund this film.


Sex Tape – Red Band Trailer – July 25th 2014
Let’s just put this out there – I think this looks horrible!


Lucy – First Trailer -August 8th 2014
I’m not sure if I’ll see this one – It looks interesting but I think there are other films that I’ll spend my time watching. It has the same sort of plot feel as 2011’s ‘Limitless’ starring Bradley Cooper.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – August 8th 2014
I don’t like the new Turtle redesign… I’m still on the fence about this… I’m pretty sure Michael Bay is going to ruin this franchise!


The Drop – September 19th 2014
Starring Tom Hardy and the late great, James Gandolfini; Looks to be a promising film!


Jimmy’s Hall – UK Trailer – No US release date set


Opening This Week: (Click on the titles for trailers)

Rio 2
Draft Day
Only Lovers Left Alive – [Limited]
Joe – [Limited]
Hateship Loveship – [Limited]
Dancing in Jaffa – [Limited]
The Railway Man – [Limited]
Cuban Fury – [Limited]
Hank and Asha – [Limited]


What are your thoughts on these new trailers? And what are you going to see this weekend?

Leave it in the comments!!